About the Host

Hi, I’m Nic!

I’m the host of The Holistic Monitor Podcast and here I will attempt to give you a bit of an autobiography into who I am and why I do what I do!


Hello! My name is Nic Scogna, and I am a Kentucky-based podcaster and founder of The Institute for Modern Holistic Alchemy. Alongside my partner, I am raising my little boy, Keanu, while working tirelessly to sustain the project of everyday life.

Originally, the concept of my podcast was to create a channel to advertise and extend the marketing reach of my newly formed SAF training business. However, after reaching out to previously trained SAF practitioners and receiving a small response, I realized that I needed to expand the scope of my show to include guests from other practices that align with my interests in alternative living, spirituality, philosophical discussions, and health and wellness. Through this approach, I can maintain the show while also highlighting the positive work that SAF promotes and helping others advertise their practice.

While my schedule is still very tight, I am hoping that the show can carry some of its own weight and that I can produce higher quality content. If you are interested in supporting the show or sponsoring it, please feel free to reach out.

Early On

I have always been fascinated by the strange and unusual. Growing up in Pennsylvania, both of my parents were involved in the holistic wellness business, and this ignited my interest in exploring different modalities and systems that promote self-discovery.

In my teenage years, I began travelling to find myself and studied Astrology for a couple of years, eventually making horoscopes for those interested in learning more about themselves through the system. In 1998, I discovered the Mayan astrology system and began studying the Tarot system as well.

After settling in Colorado Springs, I started setting up at events to sell jewelry and minerals, which led me to travel to festivals and events across the country. This iteration of my “jewelry and rock business” honed my process and saw me attending around 350 music festivals and nearly 400 events.

In 2005, I trained in my Dad’s SAF method, which my Mom had restored and updated. I trained as a massage therapist with a clinical approach in 2011 and worked in real estate from 2010 until 2020. In 2014, I began shadowing and helping my Mom with the operations of SAF, and in 2015, I wrote the book “A Vendor’s Guide to Festivals and Events.”

When my mom began retirement in 2019, I became the new face of the business. I moved to KY in 2020 and started a job at Tiffany and Co, which allowed me many hours to listen to podcasts and music. This also gave me time to listen to hundreds of hours of sales meetings and seminars that my Dad recorded in the 1980s, which really helped me hone in and understand SAF and, by chance, my childhood memories too.

By recording and preserving my voice and personality, I am looking to leave a glimmer of myself in the world for my son, Keanu, to access should he ever need it.

We appreciate every referral and share..