Episode 2 Emote Kontrol Part 1 with Joseph Scogna

Emote Kontrol Part 1

with Joseph Scogna

This is the first of two episodes covering the release of the book Emote Kontrol with accompanying homeopathic remedies from Life Energy Research in 1986. The first episode covers the 8 homeopathic remedies and information on how to use them to move up the scale. The second episode covers the scale of emotion and the method for finding where you are on the scale.

This is an at-home SAF program! Find out where you are on the emotion scale and how you can move up! 🙂 Join us for this entertaining sales seminar which happened in 1986!

More details:

One of the tapes I listened to a lot is this next 2 episodes (2 and 3). For those who were around in those days, they will have a good bit of background on what all this means. I will elaborate on the next posting for episode #3 on the full details. But for now it helps to know that the SAF system and method of holistic evaluation and healing was coupled with homeopathy. Many of the programs and several of the books were devoted to the approach of using homeopathic remedies to alleviate the symptoms of the SAF chain. Most notable is episode #6 and #7 which are dictations from what was originally called Homeopathy 1980 and is now called Homeopathy Revisted (when it was written 1980 was fresh and new). One of the final tapes of my dad lecturing is on the story of SAF and he goes into why homeopathy was perfectly suited for the task of being the main remedy for SAF chains. I will likely be doing a show on this specific lecture and have compiled it into our free intro course on ModernHolisticAlchemy.com

More on this in next post!

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