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In this initial post I wanted to go over the inception of the podcast and details around what the original purpose of the platform was.

In 2020 we all knew the pandemic struck the world and shifted many industries and businesses into the “online first” method of operation. Prior to this, there were many holdouts who were just as happy with the old website and an office culture designed around in-person meetings and collaboration. In order to move beyond 2020 many of these businesses were up against an “adapt or die” that forced their hand towards modernizing business with zoom meetings. Many businesses started with the technology as part of their model of operation but those who didn’t start there needed to adjust. In 2020 I was also effectively made acting president of the family business which was started by my father in 1978 and revitalized by my mom from 1999 until 2019. It wasn’t until I began listening to the seminars and sales meeting tapes for 100’s of hours that i started to build a framework for how I was going to run the business. It is a wellness business and entails revolutionary technology that acts as a “tricorder” for holistic evaluation of a subject. There is a questionnaire component as well which is the baseline evaluation. So for the training in the system which grants a certificate to use the system as prescribed by our training I opened and began building The Institute for Modern Holistic Alchemy to cater specifically to the online training (no prior online training had been developed). For the other portions of the business I reformulated the support system for users of the method and facilitated more outreach and attention to the business. Hence the creation of this podcast!

So, long story, longer..

The initial goal of the podcast was to open a platform for the system of holistic evaluation to a larger audience. So far so good! The first “season” is Episodes 1 through 7 which are audio with accompanied video. After episode 7 I began guest interviews and I will write more about that on these later blogs 🙂

I am writing this as episode 16 is being released!

I hope you enjoy these write-ups on the shows and background info!

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We appreciate every referral and share..

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