Episode 1 Zoning in on Personality Types: How Your Sun and Other Astrological Aspects Define You

Astrology and Cycles of Time

Here is the first episode of the The Holistic Monitor Podcast.

Welcome to this week’s episode of our astrology podcast! In this episode, we’re discussing the key facts and insights about Western astrology and how to understand someone’s sun sign, as well as other relevant astrological aspects, to identify dominant personality traits and roles in life.
To begin with, Western astrology categorizes the signs into the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water. Each element has its own set of unique qualities and traits that are important to keep in mind when analyzing someone’s personality. For example, fire signs are known to have a lot of energy, passion, and enthusiasm, while earth signs are typically practical, reliable, and grounded.
In addition to the elements, Western astrology also groups the signs into three crosses – cardinal, fixed, and mutable. By taking a deeper look at these crosses, one can gain more insight into personal traits and how different signs relate to one another.
It’s important to note, however, that overemphasizing one aspect of an individual’s astrological chart against other factors can lead to misinterpretations. While understanding someone’s sun sign is a good starting point, it’s crucial to consider other factors such as the moon sign, ascendant sign, and the planet Venus to get a more accurate picture of their true personality.
For example, let’s take a look at the Aquarius sign. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning they want to be free and flowing, but are often contained. So while they may have a strong desire to be independent, they’re also known for being loyal and reliable. It’s essential to analyze all the different aspects of their chart to fully understand their personality.
Another important point to consider is the role of the fixed signs. Taurus, being the first fixed sign, shares some similarities with the Earth element. Similarly, the other three fixed signs – Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – also take on different characteristics that overlay their respective elements.
Finally, we have Aries, which is the first fire sign, and Gemini, the first air sign. Aries often craves attention and wants to be seen as bright and energetic, while Gemini values their freedom and hates being boxed in.
In conclusion, understanding someone’s sun sign, in combination with other astrological aspects, can provide valuable insight into their personality traits and the roles they might play in their life. However, it’s essential not to overlook other factors within their chart that can provide additional perspective. We hope you have enjoyed this episode and gained some valuable insights into Western astrology!

More on the background of this episode:
This is the first episode that was published, astrology and cycles of time, and it delves into an intro on astrology both Western and Mayan. The format for this is audio and while my goal was to make it “stream of conscious” in its format I found that I was having issue staying on point without an outline.

Now, I can ramble for hours on the subject with someone else collaboratively but speaking into a phone, as I was, broken up over several days to make the full episode, I found it rather difficult to ramble on and on and then I found issue in relaying a consistent and specific message, let alone volume control!😅

So this first episode was a real learning episode for me as I entered into the audio version of the podcast and opened up the categories of Astrology, Philosophy, and Spirituality. As these are subjects that draw a lot of interest to me and is still areas I like to delve into discussion about and learn more of.

As a situational note, during this time I worked 6:30a until 3p at Tiffany’s and Co Manufacturing, setting diamonds and then when off of work taking care of Keanu until he would sleep at 8:30p. The point here is that there wasn’t a lot of time to work with regarding my other businesses or this new podcast venture.
This is just to give you and myself reference at a later time as to where I was and what I was doing during this time. 😁

More on this later !

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